Practice Areas

What does Sonoma Legal, LLC offer?

Service of Process

Process Serving is conducted by a party to a lawsuit as part of the notice period for a legal action being undertaken, which is delivered to other involved parties.

Court Filing

Court Filings are initiated at the beginning of all cases and will carry on throughout your case.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is used as a means to locate an individual who can not in other ways be located.

Stake Outs

Stake Outs are performed in numerous cases however most commonly to an evasive individual who is going at all cost to evade service.

Messenger Services

With Sonoma Legal, LLC’s background, you can trust us to deliver any and all documents you need. 

County Recorder’s Office Filing/Retrieval 

If you need retrieval or filing with the County Recorder’s Office we have your back! We will record/file Deeds, Liens, and much more.

We don't rest until your documents are served!