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Sonoma Legal, LLC is Sonoma Counties premier legal services firm based out of Santa Rosa, California. Our staff is registered, bonded, insured and specializes in service of process, skip tracing, court filing and stake outs for individuals that are especially difficult to serve. Through our process server network, we not only offer service in Sonoma County but nationwide! We offer effective service when handling your case and with our competitive pricing we offer discounts for large quantities and additional defendants. Rest assured, Sonoma Legal, LLC offers professional and dependable service to all our clients. 

Sonoma Legal, LLC,  previously known as B’s Process Serving was established in 2016 and has now rebranded and expanded our services. We welcome you along our journey and promise to provide the upmost care in your legal matter.

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Our firm strives for long term relationships with each one of our clients.

Sonoma Legal, LLC

Our Practice Areas

Service of Process

Process Serving is conducted by a party to a lawsuit as part of a notice period for legal action being undertaken, which is delivered to other involved parties.

Court Filings

Court Filings are initiated at the beginning of a case and will carry on throughout your case.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is used as a means to located an individual who can not in other way's be located.

Stake Outs

Stake Outs are performed in numerous cases however most commonly to an evasive individual who is going at all costs to evade service.

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